SISA Executive Committee


Title : President

Full Name: Yoonkwong Song (John)

Nationality: Sweden

Department: Political Science and International Relations

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Title : Vice – President

Full Name: Prabhat Pathak

Nationality: Nepal

Department: Human Biomechanics








Title : Executive Member

Full Name: Tsvetomira Vekova

Nationality: Bulgaria

Department: Korean Language and Literature








Title : Executive Member

Full Name: Liu Ching Wei

Nationality: Taiwan

Department: College of Fine Arts, Industrial Design








Title : Executive Member

Full Name: Kevin Lanov

Nationality: Indonesia

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering








Title : Executive Member

Full Name: Sally B. Gutierez

Nationality: Philippines

Department: College of Education








Title : Executive Member

Full Name: Ng Chia Huei (Grace)

Nationality: Malaysian

Department: College of Engineering, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering







Title : Executive Member

Full Name: Mogylna Kateryna

Nationality: Ukraine

Department: College of Natural Sciences, Biology