Override form

If you could not register on a class during the course registration period due to the exceeding number of students, you could actually submit a Choanji, which is a form that you have to fill in order for the Department to allow you to join the class.

You will have to download and print the form, or get this form from any departments (usually they offer this sheet in the office during the course registration modification period)


*Course registration modification period

2017/09/01 – 2017/09/07 (09:00 ~ 18:00)


Here is on how to fill out the form:

Depending on the type of courses and departments, there are several ways to submit the Choanji.


  1. Usually student who wants to submit a Choanji has to go to the first day of the course and then get sign from Professors after filling out the form. After that submit to the department where the course belongs to.
  2. From 2016-2, some departments does not allow professors to sign any Choanji Instead, we have to fill out the form and submit directly to the department office where the course belong to. From there they will pick students who are allowed to take the course and students will get notified.
  3. Some departments provided a new online system. Like College English Program (CEP).

Link: Override Form