Other Information on D-2 Visa (part-time job)


Students who have been attending for more than 1 semester (6 months), who wish to work in a company or an institute.

Those who will work temporarily as a member of a research project, an assistant instructor or an assistant experimentation teacher at his/her university don’t need employment permission for their activities.



  • Passport
  • Alien registration card
  • Application form
  • Recommendation for part-time work form for part time job (It should be signed by employer, guidance professor, ·a staff in charge at the applicant’s university.



  • Within 20 hours (undergraduate students) / 30hour (Graduate students) for weekdays in a school term, up to 2 workplaces (No limit on legal holidays, weekends, and vacation)
  • Type of work must be the one accepted by social norm as a proper job for students to be engaged in or relevant to their study field.
  • Foreign language instructor at an educational institute as a private institute, etc. (the one must satisfy the necessary conditions to be a foreign language instructor)
  • Private tutoring is prohibited by law regarding establishment and organization of an educational institute and extracurricular lessons.

E-application for International Student Part-time Working Permission is available at http://highkorea.go.kr.

Student can apply for the permission by attaching the application form and entering their information on the application page. to see more detailed application procedure.