One Room Apartment

For one room you may got to “Budongsan(Real state agency)”. You can tell your desire room types and cost. Then they can find for you.


i) There is deposit money you have to pay (depends on area and house)& you will get back the deposit after the contract is over.

ii) Usually you make a contract to live from 6 months to 2 year at once.

iii)You can’t leave the place until your contract is over otherwise you have to pay extra money or your deposit money will be deducted.

iv) If you make contract through “Budongsan” then there are 4 papers you should get or sign. But if you make contract finding house by yourself then there are 3 papers.

Note: It’s a matter of lot of money and making mistake with contract paper can be very handy so before making contract you may get help from your Korean friend or the person who have good knowledge of it.

*SISA won’t be responsible for any of your losses and mistakes while you deal with the owner of the house or for your accommodation.