Graduation Requirements

If you’re confused about what the graduation requirements for your major are, we encourage you to go to your major’s administration office and ask the staff personally. They will provide detailed information and help you choose your classes efficiently. However, here are some basic guidelines which can give you an idea of what to do.

(1) Undergraduate:

  • First, undergraduate students must earn a minimum total of 130 credits including 36 credits or more of courses in general education, 39 credits or more from major courses, and satisfy all the specific requirements of their department/college.

This means, that in total, for the 4 years at SNU, you have to take enough classes whose total sum of credits is at least 130. Out of those 130 credits, at least 39 should be MAJOR classes, and 36 General education. You have complete freedom of choice what classes you take as long as they qualify as Major or General Education classes. The rest of the credits, you can spend on a Minor or Double major or simply take classes which you like.


  • Second, students must score at least 2.0 in their overall GPA and individual GPA for their major, multiple major, minor major, or combined major course.

It means that not only your GPA should be 2.0 but the average GPA of your Major classes should also be 2.0. Same goes for any minors/double majors you’re taking.

  • Third, students must have their graduation thesis (including the general examinations or practical presentation, and lab report) approved.

The requirements for the thesis vary from college to college and department to department, so we would suggest again, to go and ask the people in charge of your major what are the exact requirements for your graduation thesis.

(2) Graduate

  • Students must earn 24 credits or more for a master’s program, 36 credits or more for a doctoral program, and 60 credits or more for a combined master’s & doctoral program (including credits earned during the master’s program). Students must also score an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Students must pass the major courses and foreign language tests to attain the qualification to submit their thesis.

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