Course Registration (Sugang)

Before the beginning of each semester, students should visit this site:

Course Registration Website:

There they will find the dates for registration for the classes. It’s of a great importance to choose your classes early, by marking them “Save as a class of interest” or completing the “Preliminary Registration”. The classes are usually filled up very quickly, in a matter of minutes, so it’s important to already know what you want to take up during the semester before registering.

TIP 1: Save as many classes as interest as you like, even though you’re not exactly sure whether you want to take them this semester. This way, if you fail to register for some of the classes, which are your first choice, you can register for your “safe” options and still have good number of credits (good number of credits for regular students is between 15 and 18).

TIP 2: If you fail to register for a class which you absolutely must take, don’t hesitate but write an email to the professor teaching it and let them know your situation. They are usually very accepting and will let you submit an override sheet (see below for more information) and still take their class.

TIP 3: DO NOT refresh the site whatever happens. This will automatically kick you out of the system and it will take huge amount of time until you log in again. Just wait patiently and do not refresh at any cost.

TIP 4: DO NOT open the site at two browsers, there is a huge chance that it will crash on both of them and you will fail your registration.