Academic year

The Academic year at Seoul National University starts with the spring semester – usually the first day of March.

There are two regular semesters at Seoul National University, each being 3 months –

  1. Spring Semester: From March through June
  2. Fall Semester: From September through December
  3. However, the school offers 계절 학기 – Vacation semester which require additional payment outside your regular tuition in order to go to the classes. The price is 44,500 won per credit and the payment is usually conducted in May and November. They are quite short – only one month and offer less classes than the regular semesters.

More information:

Academic Calendar:

  • Registration for the semester: Probably one of the most important things you have to do prior to the beginning of each semester. Seoul National University offers its students the opportunity to freely arrange their schedule during the semester as long as they fulfill the minimum requirements for graduation which you can find on our page as well.