SISA Executive Committee


Title: President

Full Name: Mogylna Kateryna

Nationality: Ukraine

Department: Natural Sciences, Biology

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Title: Vice – President

Full Name: Rita Galvez

Nationality: Philippines

Department: Materials Science and Engineering









Title: Executive Member

Full Name: Jie Ying Teoh 

Nationality: Malaysia

Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering








Title: Executive Member

Full Name: Carlos Gonzalez

Nationality: Panama

Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering









Title: Executive Member

Full Name:  Ayauzhan Akhmadiyeva

Nationality: Kazakhstan

Department: Business Administration








Title: Executive Member

Full Name: Suvd Lkhagvasuren

Nationality: Mongolia

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering









Title: Executive Member

Full Name: Woan Ling Cheng 

Nationality: Malaysia

Department: Architecture and Architectural Engineering







Title: Executive Member

Full Name: Masfiq Rahman 

Nationality: Bangladesh

Department: Business Administration








Title: Executive Member

Full Name: Gissele Sorto Chicas  

Nationality: El Salvador

Department: Natural Sciences, Chemistry