Our Mission

SNU International Student Association (SISA) was founded in March, 2007, with the aim of representing the international student body at Seoul National University (SNU). SISA functions under supervision of the Department of Student Affairs and in cooperation with the Student Union of SNU. Under the broad rubric of representing international students at SNU, SISA’s main activities have been to communicate and resolve academic and administrative issues, misunderstanding that occur due to cultural differences, and social integration problems that international students face in the process of settling down and studying in Korea. In conjunction with these responsibilities, SISA also organizes various events and gatherings with the goal of bringing international students together, helping them network with each other, and to provide valuable information that may be of help to the students in the process. Finally, SISA also engages in various social ventures by cooperating with NGOs and social entrepreneurs to build a bridge between the international community and the Korean society.